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Warranty Policy of VISIONHITECH

Last update on June 10th, 2020.


Vision Hitech (VHT) and its Affiliates warrant to VHT’s Product that it will be in good working order for a period of 24 months (12 months for PTZ cameras, except module) from the date of purchase from VHT or an authorized VHT reseller.
During this warranty term, should this Product, in VHT’s opinion, malfunction, VHT will, at its option, repair or replace it free of charge, excluding shipment cost for the user to a VHT point of sales.
This warranty is void in case the Product has been subject to misuse, abuse, misapplication, use outside the intended application or in case the Product has been modified, altered and/or repaired in a way not authorized by VHT. All parts and Products that are replaced shall become the property of VHT. VHT has the right to replace faulty products with used (“refurbished”) products, at its own discretion.


1. Purpose

VISIONHITECH CO., LTD.(Referred as ‘VISIONHITECH’ hereinafter) establishes the following guidelines to deliver best quality with shortest turn-around time for Warranty & Repairs, DOA and RMA services.


2. Warranty

2.1 Warranty Period
Period(from the date of shipment) Product Additional benefit
27 months Cameras – IP, HD Analogue, Analogue
(3months for delivery and stock period)
15 months PTZ Camera (3months for delivery and stock period)
9 months Zoom Module (3months for delivery and stock period)
2.2 Repairs under Warranty

During the warranty period, VISIONHITECH will repair or replace all defective products, provided that they are returned at the customer’s expense to VISIONHITECH or an authorized VISIONHITECH repair facility or authorized reseller, distributor (All referred as VISIONHITECH hereinafter).

VISIONHITECH has the sole and unfettered discretion to determine whether a particular product will be replaced or repaired. VISIONHITECH reserves the rights to use replacement parts for the third party peripheral or parts that are obsolete or phased-out from original manufacturer. VISIONHITECH reserves the right to charge a “No Fault Found” fee for products returned as defective where no fault could be found by VISIONHITECH. VISIONHITECH reserves the right to charge Misused fee for products wrongly returned as RMA.

2.3 Exclusions from Warranty

VISIONHITECH assumes no liability as a consequence of following circumstances, under which will be automatically excluded for warranty;
– The products & solutions found to be defective after expiry of the warranty period.
– The product has been subjected to misuse, abuse, or unauthorized repair, whether by accident
or other cause. Such conditions will be determined by VISIONHITECH in its sole and unfettered discretion.
– Products damaged beyond repairs due to uncontrollable factors such as shipping;
nature disasters, including but not limited to lighting strike, flooding, earthquake, etc.

3. Defect-on-Arrival (DOA) process

3.1 Self-test for DOA

The customer shall test all the Products thoroughly as soon as practicable after the first receipt.
Products which are found to be defective within one (1) calendar month upon receipt will be deemed to be DOA. Proof of receipt will be required.

3.2 Notify DOA problem

If the Customer finds a Product to be DOA, it will, as soon as practicable, and in any event within the said 1-month period: – Inform VISIONHITECH of the relevant Product serial number – Apply for an RMA number – At the Customer’s expense, return the defective Product to VISIONHITECH with a completed “RMA FORM”

3.3 DOA Replacement

VISIONHITECH will replace the defective VISIONHITECH-made Product with a new one, and ship the new Product to the Customer within four(4) weeks from the date of receipt of the defective product, and at its own expense. In case that this prompt replacement is impossible,
VISIONHITECH can pay that amount to the Customer or deduct from outstanding balance under
mutual consultation with that Customer. For non VISIONHITECH-made products, replacement will be made as soon as possible depending upon availability of the parts. VISIONHITECH shall inform estimated shipment date to the Customer. VISIONHITECH reserves the right to examine the product(s) upon receipt from customers based on the above conditions. If the product(s) is (are) damaged causing by customer’s improper action, customer shall be liable to pay the charge occurred or pay the price of the replacement(s) if the product(s) set forth above is (are) totally discard.

4. Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) & Repair process

To return a Product for repair, a RMA number is required.
The RMA form is available on the VISIONHITECH web site at

In addition to your contact information, you will need the following information in order to complete the form.

  • Model Number
  • Serial Number
  • Date of Purchase
    (a copy of original purchase receipt must be included with the returned Product)
  • Detailed description of the defect or malfunction

The customer will make sure that the package is strong and durable enough to prevent further damage and/or deterioration of the defective Product during the shipment.
If any damage and/or deterioration occur during shipment, the warranty will not apply to the Product.

Repair Turn-around Time (TAT)

Unless otherwise agreed with the Customer, VISIONHITECH will return a duly repaired Product to the customer within four (4) weeks from the date of receipt of the defective Product conditional to detailed customer explanation of problems incurred. Transportation time is excluded from the turn-around time estimate. For Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras and/or similar moving cameras, VISIONHITECH will return within three (3) weeks from the date of receipt, unless otherwise agreed with the Customer with prior written notice. Due to any uncontrollable reason, if VISIONHITECH cannot repair those defective goods within reasonable time, VISIONHITECH shall inform this fact to the Customer and ship similar and customer-accepted goods to the customer with customer’s consent.

5. Non-Warranty (out of warranty) Products (NWP)

– Early noticed: repair/refurbish charge will be asked the bill invoice.
– Repair impossible
If NWP is not repairable, discontinued, full damaged, it will be discarded and not ship back.