Smart hardware technologies

Visionhitech has developed numerous original and innovative hardware technologies and applied them to the camera, thereby improving many of the problems inherent in general cameras. In short, there are Enhanced heat dissipation technology with strong heat resistance, Highly accurate and detailed Autofocus zoom control technology (applied to normal Motorized cameras), Smart network indication technology that diagnoses and manages the power or network connection status of each camera from a distance, Waterproof SD Card Slot mechanism that can replace SD-Card without worry about waterproof after the replacement of it, Anti-condensation sensing and heating system that automatically removes moisture by detecting the humidity inside the camera, Anti-IR Reflection technology that completely solves IR reflection problems caused by various pollutions from camera window cleaning, fire, heavy rain, and work site dust etc.


Enhanced Heat dissipation

The capacity of the performance determines on how much IPC would generate excessive heat. Likewise, the higher the performance of the IP Camera means the higher heat it generates adversely.

Excessive heat caused by a poor heat measurement may seriously affect the, performance and reliability. In worse case, it causes a serious damage on the camera, making it inoperable within a short period of time.

As a solution, the company applied the highly precise and effective heat dissipation mechanism into the model that can absorb internal heat contained in the infrared sensor and high-performance ISP (i.e., AI chip, 4k chip, etc.) and can dissipate them outward quite effectively.

Thanks to this, the camera dramatically reduces its failure rate and performance degradation over time, safeguarding a reliable operation of the security in a situation without fault for an extended lifetime.



Quick & Precise Auto-focus & Zoom

Extraordinary image quality with the magnificent focusing technology!

As the camera’s megapixel numbers are rapidly growing higher, it became almost impossible to focus the camera exactly with manually vary-focal lenses. Furthermore, even the ordinary motorize lens focus method is also facing its limitation by the lack of accuracy.

Visionhitech solved this problem by empowering the camera itself to find and set the exact focal point almost immediately by successfully combining its own Autofocus zoom camera algorithm with the motorized lens. Now customers can view highly accurate megapixel images at even zoomed-in focus without losing its resolution.

With the angle-of-view adjustment and focusing remotely controllable at the control center, it is now no longer required to go through the big hassle of focus setting at the installation.

When the camera’s angle of view needs to be changed later after the installation, it’s adjustable at the center with one click of the mouse by the security manager with no need to deploy people to the site, which can bring tremendous time and cost savings in terms of installation and operation.

Normal Focus

Precise Focus


Waterproof SD-Card slot (Patented)

Customers may need to open the SD-Card hole to renew the SD-Card later.
But unfortunately, the process drives moisture outside quickly be drawn into the camera body through the slot and causes condensation. To prevent this, we invented a unique waterproof SD-Card Slot that fundamentally refrains water or moisture from entering through the SLOT anymore even after the process of the SD-Card replacement.

No water smearing into the slot!


Anti-condensation Sensor & Heater

In cold weather, the moisture existing inside the camera sticks on the surface of the camera lens or cover glass by the temperature difference between inside and outside. It happens even the density is minimal. This phenomenon is called “condensation”.
The Sensor & Heater solution detects and removes the condensation automatically. When the temperature goes down below the setpoint (e.g., below 0°C), it triggers the heater to dry out the condensation completely.

Perfect Anti-IR Reflection

See-through the dusty or rainy environments with no IR glares
Visionhitech developed a patented Anti-IR Reflection solution applicable to its bubble dome camera ranges.
This innovative solution perfectly isolates IR illumination from the image sensing area so that the IR illumination can never be interfered with environmental particles such as scratches, dust, smokes, raindrops etc.
In conventional dome cameras, even small environmental particles sticking on the bubble mirrors IR Lights back to the lens and makes the whole screen all white. This typical phenomenon has been accepted as normal and people tend to do the cleaning the bubble so often causing it to be more contaminated by more scratches.
In a disaster situation such as an accidental collapse of constructions, fires or heavy rain etc., if the scene is not properly captured due to the IR interference by small particles, the result can be very tragic.
Now, with this now solution, particles or stain of raindrops are not visible and not being mirrored by IR illumination anymore, guaranteeing 100% clear nighttime IR images all the time.

Firefighter is not recognizable by the IR reflection caused by fire dust and smoke covered on the dome

Firefighter is seen clearly even fire dust and smoke sticked on the dome 

Village hit by hurricane is not recognizable by the IR reflection caused by heavy raindrops sticked on the dome bubble

Village hit by hurricane is seen clearly even heavy raindrops covered on the dome bubble


Smart Network status indication

This offers a great convenience for the process of the camera installation and maintenance. Customer can identify the status of power and network connection/disconnection simply from outside eliminating the hassle to dismantle the site after the finish of the installation or to remove the camera to diagnose the network or power failure for maintenance.
  • RED LED : Power On
  • GREEN LED : Network connection and video transmission
  • GREEN LED Blinking : Motion Detection