UHD4K is an ultra-high-resolution camera with 8 mega pixels, which has the advantage of shooting even a small area in detail. On the other hand, since 4K SOC emits much higher heat, it is frequently causing malfunctioning, and since focusing the lens is much more difficult, it is often used with the resolution of the camera installed in general at much lower, and due to the instability of video codec technology, the amount of transmitted video data becomes too large, causing excessive network load. Visionhitech completely solves the mentioned problems by incorporating advanced technologies that complement this.


Visionhitech’s UHD 4K IP camera

VNNx1U4AR series features UHD 4K resolution which is 4 times higher than that of 2-megapixel camera. With this feature, every part of small details in the captured video can be magnified without losing its clarity, enhancing the usage of video data much more efficient and accurate. As the entire objects within the 4K image quality highly usable, one single camera can cover much wider range of surveillance and replace the needs for multiple numbers of conventional cameras by one. The VNN641U4AR is armed with the excellent data streaming technology that reduces the size of transmission bandwidth to smaller than 20% compared with conventional streaming technology.

With all these high-profile features, the VNN641U4AR has professional protection technologies embedded to withstand against high temperature and harsh environments. Please refer to the datasheet for more technical review of the camera.