QM SYSTEM Management

Quality and customer’s satisfaction are the top priority of Vision Hitech’s management philosophy.

We are constantly making efforts to improve quality and manage the environment so that products produced and supplied do not deviate from internal/external quality and environmental standards. To maximize our such efforts, we have adopted the QM system.



Based on strict management, Vision Hitech has obtained ISO9001 / ISO14001 certification.
In addition, reliability is ensured and guaranteed through obtaining a number of overseas and domestic certifications
※ CE,  FCC, UL, E-Mark, KC,  UL,  TTA,  etc.


Quality / Test / Process / Customer / Training

Quality Assurance

Strengthen risk management

Test Management

– New test item
– Strengthen development and standard

Process Management

– Quality improvement activity
– SOC management
– LOSS maximization

Customer management

– Expand correction/prevention activities
– Respond to customer’s claim and complain
– Expand quality improvement activities

Training management

– New employee OJT training
– Supervisor training

Reliability is ensured by securing quality of products

Phased verification system and QHR management are executed to ensure the reliability of new products and mass production

  • Ruggedization for drastic change of natural environment
    (To secure excellence of products in the worst-case scenario, such as heat wave, heavy snow, intense cold, flood and so on)
  • Transportation test for different types of delivery
  • Ensured stability for the countries or regions with unstable power supply

Testing in the constructed end-user’s usage environments with optimized testing methods

  • Research and application of testing method that covers various usage conditions of customers.

Environmental test procedure

Stability Test

Frequency Variation Test
Voltage DIP, Short,
Variation Regulation Test
Voltage Fluctuation Test
Voltage Harmonic
Interharmonics Test

IP69K Water Intrusion Test

80℃ water is sprayed on the device with the water pressure between 80~100BAR.

IP68 Waterproof test

Device is protected against the effects of immersion in water under pressure for long periods

Transportation Vibration Test

Device’s Ruggedness against different transportation environments is secured.
(Such as ship, plane, truck, etc.)

Test 01

Test 02

Quality System Management Procedure