6MP Outdoor Bullet MFZ IP Camera

  • 3096(H) x 2202(V) 6MP IPC
  • Multi-res 6MP@20fps/5MP@30fps/4MP@30fps
  • Smart H.264/H.26
  • 2.7~12mm Motorized
  • WDR (120㏈)
  • 50M Smart IR


VNN64194AR features 6 Mega-pixels resolution, 3 times higher than 2-megapixel camera. The biggest advantage of this feature is that every single micro sized object captured in suspicious area that looks superficially invisible and muddy can be magnified without losing its clarity, bringing the video data much more valuable and accurate.

As the entire objects within the 6MP image quality highly usable, one single camera can take much wider and longer range of security coverage and replace the needs of multiple numbers of conventional cameras.

With the 4x Varifocal motorized lens and Visionohitech’s smart auto focus & zoom control technology combined, the camera automatically finds and set the ultrafine focal point with one click zoom control remotely at the security center. As a result, the camera produces perfectly focused image all the time, eliminating the big hassle of focus setting hard work.

The VNN64194AR is armed with the excellent data streaming technology that reduces the size of transmission bandwidth to smaller than 20% compared with conventional streaming technology.
With all these high-profile features, the VNN64194AR has professional protection technologies embedded to withstand against high temperature and harsh environments. Please see below for more technical review of this camera.

Please see below for more detailed technical reviews of this camera.


STARLUX technology

See-through the 0.2lux darkness in full Color/ ‘0’lux in BW IR

The Starlux camera comprises of a highly sensitive Stavis sensor, high-end ISP, and Visionhitech’s advanced video tuning technologies.

The technology allows the camera to conduct the low light performance by 50% higher than the usual camera and to capture live color video in as much as 0.2 lux darkness. At below 0.2lux, the camera turns to True DN mode that displays B/W image with the IR illumination on automatic.

The lux value of the 0.2 may refer to the darkness level of a few hours later after the sunset. At this range, the human eye may recognize the scene in color and may not need IR illumination. But for conventional cameras with a lack of low light sensitivity, it is the level that the camera cannot sense the color at all, thus necessary to get the help of IR illumination.

It’s a significant improvement in that the camera can take a more extended period of the day in a colorful image while turning on B/W IR image only for a shorter period of the day.

The improvement of low light performance in color mode dramatically enhances the ability to acquire forensic evidence in dim light environments.

At below 0.2 lux, the image turns to B/W with IR on helping the camera to see through the total darkness.


Ultra-Smart Rate Control

A new breathtaking video streaming is born to adopt here. We would like to differentiate it by calling it an “Ultra Smart Rate Control (USRC)”.The efficiency of the data saving rate surpasses the performance of the conventional Smart Bit Rate control (SBC) by around 80% lower in comparison. The flexibility of controlling the bit rate in a scene, enables the camera to produce the most usable high-quality video data while reducing its bandwidth. The area of the interest selectable conducts the process in the highest bit rate and the other area as low as possible, leaving the background images still alive.
This revolutionary video data streaming technology brings an enormous amount of cost savings in the full-HD video network streaming and storage management while utilizing full HD Video at full frame in most of channels.





Advanced Region of Interest (ROI)

The Advanced Region of interest (ROI) feature greatly improves the usability of the streamed images by increasing the video quality in the areas of interest and by leaving the other areas with less compressed images (The less important background images are still alive) resulting in the image quality in the ROI to be more clear. As a result, the advanced ROI significantly decrease the file size to minimum granting great amount of cost saving in data transmission and storage management.

Normal Image


Normal ROI


Advanced ROI



Quick & Precise Auto-focus & Zoom

Extraordinary image quality with the magnificent focusing technology!

As the camera’s megapixel numbers are rapidly growing higher, it became almost impossible to focus the camera exactly with conventional vary-focal lenses adjustable by hand. Furthermore, even the ordinary motorize lens focus method is also facing its limitation by the lack of accuracy.

Visionhitech solved this problem by empowering the camera itself to find and set the exact focal point almost immediately by successfully combining its own Autofocus zoom camera algorithm with the motorized lens. Now customers can view highly accurate megapixel images at even zoomed-in focus without losing its resolution.

With the angle-of-view adjustment and focusing remotely controllable from the control center, it is now no longer required to go through the big hassle of focus setting at the installation.

When the camera’s angle of view needs to be changed later after the installation, it’s adjustable at the center with one click of the mouse by the security manager with no need to deploy people to the site, which can bring tremendous time and cost savings in terms of installation and operation.

Normal Focus

Precise Focus


Enhanced Heat dissipation

The capacity of the performance determines on how much IPC would generate excessive heat. Likewise, the higher the performance of the IP Camera means the higher heat it generates adversely.

Excessive heat caused by a poor heat measurement may seriously affect the, performance and reliability. In worse case, it causes a serious damage on the camera, making it inoperable within a short period of time.

As a solution, the company applied the highly precise and effective heat dissipation mechanism into the model that can absorb internal heat contained in the infrared sensor and high-performance ISP (i.e., AI chip, 4k chip, etc.) and can dissipate them outward quite effectively.

Thanks to this, the camera dramatically reduces its failure rate and performance degradation over time, safeguarding a reliable operation of the security in a situation without fault for an extended lifetime.


Waterproof SD-Card slot (Patented)

Customers may need to open the SD-Card hole to renew the SD-Card later.
But unfortunately, the process drives moisture outside quickly be drawn into the camera body through the slot and causes condensation. To prevent this, we invented a unique waterproof SD-Card Slot that fundamentally refrains water or moisture from entering through the SLOT anymore even after the process of the SD-Card change.

No water smearing into the slot!


Anti-Condensation Sensor & Heater

In cold weather, the moisture existing inside the camera sticks on the surface of the camera lens or cover glass by the temperature difference in between. It happens even the density is minimal. This phenomenon is called “condensation”.
The Sensor & Heater solution detects and removes the condensation automatically. When the temperature goes down below the setpoint (e.g., below 0°C), it triggers the heater to dry out the condensation completely.

NDAA Compliant!!

The design and manufacture of the product are of Korean origin and fully comply with the NDAA protocol.


True Day & Night

ICR filter mechanism is adapted on it to safeguard the True Day & Night image quality. Unlike human eye, the camera sensor can see the infra-red light and distorts the coloration in day light. ICR (Infra-red Cut-off Removal) filter that is mechanically placed on to the sensor blocks the IR light. In night or dark light condition, the IR Cut filter is removed in order that the camera can receive the IR reflected light. The ICR mechanism also contains Focus Shift Compensation filter in it to provide precisely focused images for 24/7.

True color at day

True BW at night


Real WDR (120dB)

In many cases, there are scenes of highly contrasted areas coexisted in a scene in the bright sunny day. Normal camera without WDR function artificially forges the whole image as one scene and makes the images of bright areas brighter and the dark area more darker resulting in the image detail within the scene indecipherable.
The Real WDR in the camera allows each aspect of the long exposure (bright area) and short exposure (dark area) in a scene captured accurately.

Normal image

WDR image (120dB)


Smart IR

Smart IR technology automatically controls the amount of the IR illumination according to the distance of the object, resulting in the camera produces recognizable images at night without the human face being washed out.

Normal IR Camera

Smart-IR camera


Long-range, low heat Hi-power IR

Built-in Hi-power IR LEDs, combined with smart IR tech and low heat generation tech, provides nighttime IR capture up to 50M and longer IR lifetime.

Normal IR Camera

Long-range and less heat Hi-power IR camera


Low-latency video to any device

The core with the latest codec on this device makes the process of the massive data in the system as fast as possible and enables to deliver the Ultra-HD video with overwhelmingly fast on the network and to be responsible more quickly to most of challenging environments.

Improved Low Latency

Video delay from normal IPC


Triple-streaming w/all codecs at real-time 30 fps

Adaptive higher memory cores enable the camera to perform the real-time video processing capacities to all triple codecs.

It allows the system integrators the maximum flexibility in designing the whole network system based on acquiring practically usable frame-loss prevented live video, live recording, and live mobile streaming.


Corridor View

The core with the latest codec on this device makes the process of the massive data in the system as fast as possible and enables to deliver the Ultra-HD video with overwhelmingly fast on the network and to be responsible more quickly to most of challenging environments.

School hallway

Passenger boat


General Features

General Features











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