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we will make a myth of Vision Hi-Tech in the field of CCTV security camera industry.



2MP Indoor Dome IP camera (Color-Night, 3.6mm)

  • 1920(H)x1080(V) 2MP IPC
  • H.265/H.264
  • 3.6mm wide angle
  • WDR (120㏈)
  • 12VDC/ I EEE802.3af POE

Product’s Overview

VNI10C51A-F is a special COLOR-NIGHT, 2MP Full HD Indoor Dome that can see through near-zero darkness without IR radiation. The extraordinary performance of taking colorful video at extreme darkness gives a lot of unimaginable technical benefits before.

Empowered multiple core technologies such as Visionhitech’s superior image tuning technology, Color-Night, Ultra-smart rate control, Advanced ROI are all combined to ensure the consistent and ultra-clear image quality for day and night.

The applied groundbreaking video streaming technology offers unprecedented network efficiencies. By this innovation it reduces the bandwidth by about 80% resulting in a dramatic increment of video transmission speed and a considerable amount of cost-saving out of significantly reduced storage and the consumption of data traffic.

Please see below for more technical detail


COLOR-NIGHT technology

See through the near zero darkness in full color without IR

It’s a new technical breakthrough that Visionhitech created for the first time in the industry. The technology aims to overcome the technical limitations of IR aided cameras that are commonly used in most of the dark street environments. The capability of seeing through the near-zero darkness in full color with Color-night technology eventually outperforms existing low light camera techniques by about 4 times higher.

The greatness of color witness at night renders the camera to distinguish the specific details of the entire background and objects in full-color mode, resulting in significantly increasing the capability of object recognition and situational awareness.

The color night camera overcomes the disadvantages of IR cameras in many ways. It eliminates inevitable limitations residing in IR cameras such as over-exposure, narrow angle of IR light, IR glaring, IR burning, IR reflection, Insect attraction, IR strength degradation over time, failures by overheating, etc.

Human eye identifies the scene by color and by brightness and this function goes on until the time when the light level drops down to a near zero lux darkness. But in case of the normal camera, it’s not working like this at all. At certain darkness in the evening, cameras turn to BW mode. In this situation, human eye distinguishes multiple objects of different colors with similar brightness. But B/W mode cameras read them all as one black scene, making the contents inside invisible.

Color night mode reveals the concealed contents surely distinguishable.

The three core hardware elements embedded in this technology are the 4 x large F-Stop lens, the most sensitive sensor, and the high-end ISP. Besides, Visionhitech’s software power and video tuning technologies completed the Color-night technology to be the best in the globe.

Normal Night-vision Color camera

IR image in normal Day&Night

Color-Night technology


Ultra-Smart Rate Control

A new breathtaking video streaming is born to adopt here. We would like to differentiate it by calling it an “Ultra Smart Rate Control (USRC)”.

The efficiency of the data saving rate surpasses the performance of the conventional Smart Bit Rate control (SBC) by around 80% lower in comparison.The flexibility of controlling the bit rate in a scene, enables the camera to produce the most usable high-quality video data while reducing its bandwidth.

The area of the interest selectable conducts the process in the highest bit rate and the other area as low as possible, leaving the background images still alive. This revolutionary video data streaming technology brings an enormous amount of cost savings in the full-HD video network streaming and storage management while utilizing full HD Video at full frame in most of channels.





Advanced Region of Interest (ROI)

The Advanced Region of interest (ROI) feature greatly improves the usability of the streamed images by increasing the video quality in the areas of interest and by leaving the other areas with less compressed images (The less important background images are still alive) resulting in the image quality within the ROI area to be more clear. As a result, the advanced ROI significantly decrease the file size to minimum, granting great amount of cost saving in data transmission and storage management.

Normal Image


Normal ROI


Advanced ROI



Smart Network status indication

This offers a great convenience for the process of the camera installation and maintenance. Customer can identify the status of power and network connection/disconnection simply from outside eliminating the hassle to dismantle the site after the finish of the installation or to remove the camera to diagnose the network or power failure for a maintenance.

  • RED LED : Power On
  • GREEN LED : Network connection and video transmission
  • GREEN LED Blinking : Motion Detection

Easy installation, Easy maintenance

The tool-free 3-Axis gimbal offers the installation quick and easy, and the Snap-in bubble structure helps the maintenance site operation easier and conveniently.


NDAA Compliant!!

The design and manufacture of the product are of Korean origin and fully comply with the NDAA protocol.


True Day & Night

ICR filter mechanism is adapted on it to safeguard the True Day & Night image quality. Unlike human eye, the camera sensor can see the infra-red light and distorts the coloration in day light. ICR (Infra-red Cut-off Removal) filter that is mechanically placed on to the sensor blocks the IR light. In night or dark light condition, the IR Cut filter is removed in order that the camera can receive the IR reflected light. The ICR mechanism also contains Focus Shift Compensation filter to provide precisely focused images for 24/7.

True color at day

True BW at night


Real WDR (120dB)

In general, there are scenes of highly contrasted areas coexisted in a scene in the bright sunny day. Normal camera without WDR function artificially forges the whole image as one scene and makes the images of bright areas brighter and the dark areas more darker resulting in the image details within the scene indecipherable.
The Real WDR in the camera allows each aspect of the long exposure (bright area) and short exposure (dark area) in a scene captured accurately.

Normal image

WDR image (120dB)


Low-latency video to any device

The core with the latest codec on this device makes the process of the massive data in the system as fast as possible and enables to deliver the Ultra-HD video with overwhelmingly fast on the network and to be responsible more quickly to most of challenging environments.

Improved Low Latency

Video delay from normal IPC


Triple-streaming w/all codecs at real-time 30 fps

Adaptive higher memory cores enable the camera to perform the real-time video processing capacities to all triple codecs.
It allows the system integrators the maximum flexibility in designing the whole network system based on acquiring practically usable real time live video, live recording, and live mobile streaming.


Corridor View

The core with the latest codec on this device makes the process of the massive data in the system as fast as possible and enables to deliver the Ultra-HD video with overwhelmingly fast on the network and to be responsible more quickly to most of challenging environments.

School hallway

Passenger boat


General Features

General Features











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