Color night technology

Based on high competitiveness of technology and rapid expansion of sales,
we will make a myth of Vision Hi-Tech in the field of CCTV security camera industry.

COLOR-NIGHT technology

See through the near zero darkness in full color without IR

It’s a new technical breakthrough that Visionhitech created for the first time in the industry. The technology aims to overcome the technical limitations of IR aided cameras that are commonly used in most of the dark street environments. The capability of seeing through the near-zero darkness in full color with Color-night technology eventually outperforms existing low light camera techniques by about 4 times higher.

The greatness of color witness at night renders the camera to distinguish the specific details of the entire background and objects in full-color mode, resulting in significantly increasing the capability of object recognition and situational awareness.

The color night camera overcomes the disadvantages of IR cameras in many ways. It eliminates inevitable limitations residing in IR cameras such as over-exposure, narrow angle of IR light, IR glaring, IR burning, IR reflection, Insect attraction, IR strength degradation over time, failures by overheating, etc.

Human eye identifies the scene by color and by brightness and this function goes on until the time when the light level drops down to a near zero lux darkness. But in case of the normal camera, it’s not working like this at all. At certain darkness in the evening, cameras turn to BW mode. In this situation, human eye distinguishes multiple objects of different colors with similar brightness. But B/W mode cameras read them all as one black scene, making the contents inside invisible.

Color night mode reveals the concealed contents surely distinguishable.

The three core hardware elements embedded in this technology are the 4 x large F-Stop lens, the most sensitive sensor, and the high-end ISP. Besides, Visionhitech’s software power and video tuning technologies completed the Color-night technology to be the best in the globe.

Normal Night-vision Color camera

Normal Night-vision Color camera

Normal Night-vision Color camera