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Make our Customers Happy

Visionhitech always thinks and practices in the customers’ position

Welcome to Visionhitech!


Visionhitech Co Ltd., has been providing remarkable surveillance solutions to the global market since the foundation in 1997. With our sense of responsibility, we have been continuously developing world-class independent and new technologies through R&D investment over the past 23 years.

In line with 21st century’s rapidly changing technology trends, we have developed IP-Based hardware products optimized for various convergence solutions in a timely manner and we’re continuing to make aggressive and seamless efforts to develop 4K UHD and deep learning-based AI camera series.

As a leading R&D company of Korea, we have kept the world’s highest quality products and services as our greatest value based on our know-how, efficient manufacturing system and perfect quality management since its’ foundation. We will continue to grow into a company that provides flawless quality.

We would like to express our infinite gratitude to the customers for trusting and supporting Vision Hitech, and we will become a company that grows and develops together with the customers, making the success of our customers our goal.